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Practical Leadership Coaching For Positive Change | OL

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Ordinary Leadership

 Transforming Organizations

Working to create change is often lonely and isolating.

It can be difficult for a team or organization to confront the challenges in front of them to create something new.

It doesn't have to be this way. I work with individuals and organizations to build leadership skills and establish organizational structures that make it easier to create positive change.

Practical Leadership Coaching For Positive Change | OL
Practical Leadership Coaching For Positive Change | OL

Working with you to unlock organisational potential through...

What I do


I work with individuals and leadership teams to develop new approaches to organizational change. 

I work with leaders in small and medium-sized organizations to navigate complex change. 

I work with new leaders who are transitioning into leadership roles.


I facilitate CEOs and leadership teams to review and refresh ways of working. 

I support organizations to redesign their structures and how they work to unlock leadership potential. 


I support organizations to implement and deliver their change management plan. 

"Ben has supported us to develop practical approaches to deliver our strategic intent. A great listener who has brought clarity and insights to my thinking, Ben has admirably tried to balance the pragmatic nuts and bolts of running a small but influential NGO while also keeping an eye on purpose... he’s absolutely a partner in making progress happen. He hasn’t just stopped at setting out options but has always been ready to roll up his sleeves to help translate intent into action."

- Pia MacRae, CEO of Consortium for Street Children

My clients

Ordinary Leadership Coaching and Change Advisory Clients
Practical Leadership Coaching For Positive Change | OL

Let's connect

Are you trying to implement change?


Maybe you want to create more space for leadership in your organization.


Or, perhaps you need to bounce some ideas around to think through your challenge. 

I can't guarantee I'm the right person to work with you, but I can promise to listen, focus on understanding your challenge, and provide practical insight on where to go next. 


If that sounds interesting to you, please get in touch. 

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