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I focus on projects that enable individuals and organizations to develop their leadership abilities so that more people have the tools to create positive change.

Leadership Consulting

Ordinary Leadership | Leadership Coaching Services

I am hired to help individuals and organisations address challenges in their current ways of working, adapt their organisation to a changing internal or external environment, or think through their strategy. 

I concentrate on projects where we can form a robust partnership to co-create a practical solution to your problem.

My role is to help you and your organisation find a way forward. I do this by gathering information, providing an outside perspective, asking the tough questions (in a nice way), and facilitating your thinking process to co-create a new organisation.

People value working with me as a change advisor because I provide practical advice, a strategic perspective, and humanity in the face of complexity.

The types of challenges I help with...

Supporting new team managers or individuals stepping into leadership roles.

Creating a space to reflect on ongoing strategy and organisational challenges. 

Team facilitation and developing new ways of working.

Reflecting on and refreshing your organisational structure.

Practical Solutions To Leadership and Change Management Challenges

Want to know more? Get in touch to see how I can help.

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“Ben has supported us to develop practical approaches to deliver our strategic intent. A great listener who has brought clarity and insights to my thinking…Ben is that he’s absolutely a partner in making progress happen.”

Pia MacRae, CEO Consortium for Street Children

Practical Solutions To Leadership and Change Management Challenges
Practical Solutions To Leadership and Change Management Challenges

What to expect when you work with me... 


Through interviews with your team, I help identify issues and concerns that hold your organisation back and prevent individual leadership.


I help you make sense of the data and design solutions that take on board concerns within the context of your organisation.


I work with your leadership team and team members to implement changes and build confidence in a new way of working.

Interested in knowing more about how I can help you and your organisation?

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Let's connect

Are you trying to implement change?


Maybe you want to create more space for leadership in your organization.


Or, perhaps you need to bounce some ideas around to think through your challenge. 

I can't guarantee I'm the right person to work with you, but I can promise to listen, focus on understanding your challenge, and provide practical insight on where to go next. 


If that sounds interesting to you, please get in touch. 

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