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Space to Connect

Over the past six months – probably more – I've been trying to figure out how to have more spontaneous conversations—the conversations I used to have at conferences, events, or over coffee at work.

As an introvert, I've enjoyed having my own space, but I increasingly feel I need to do more to meet people – share ideas and connect. I love talking to the people I routinely speak to, but I keep thinking I should find other ways of meeting people.

I've tried many different approaches – and probably will continue to – reaching out to people to connect when I'm in London, trolling LinkedIn (sorry!), and asking friends for connection. Lots of this has been great, but I keep wondering how to create space for connection and make it part of my week.

A friend recently directed me to Matt Webb's blog and the fascinating idea of "Unoffice Hours" – essentially space to connect and make connections.

Having read Matt's blog, I thought, why not try…so I'm setting aside a couple of hours every Friday for "Space to Connect" in the hope that for 2023, it will pay off and create new connections: with people I've lost touch with, people with shared interested, people with questions they want to discuss, or something else entirely.

I look forward to speaking with you!


Let's connect.


If you found this blog engaging, have questions about ordinary leadership or want to chat about leadership in general, it would be great to connect.


I set aside two weekly hours to make new connections and renew old ones. We have half an hour to discuss whatever you want - how we could work together, your projects and ideas, or something else. It's space for connection.

You can book a slot here, and there is more background here.

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